Intermediate  Courses – Build a Cloud Services for IoT Devices

Course A1 : Cloud Infrastructure and Services

  • Domain Registrar – AWS’s Route 53
  • DNS Services –
  • Web Hosting Service- (WordPress)
  • EDA Version Control Service- (Altium Vault)
  • Source Code Version Control Service – (GitLab)
  • Online Cloud Storage Service – (OwnCloud)
  • Email Services – (Zoho)

Course A2 : Backend of Cloud Infrastructure

  • Virtualization: KVM, ESXi, VirtualBox or AWS’s EC2
  • Operating System: Debian for Server or Ubuntu for Workstation
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • Server-side Language: PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Database: MariaDB

Basic Courses – Basic Skill for Every Maker

Course B1: Software Tools

  • Editor – Atom Editor –
  • CAD Software –
    • Autodesk Fusion –
    • Also considering SolidWorks
  • EDA Software
    • Altium Designer –
    • Also considering NI Multisim for EDA software
  • SCM SourceTree –
  • Cloud Storage – OwnCloud Client
  • 3D Printer Slider – Cura 3D

Course B2: Programming Language

  • GIT – Lynda-Git Essential Training
  • Python –
  • PHP
  • Lynda-PHP with MySQL Essential Training
  • Lynda-MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications

Course B3: Hardware Platform

  • RaspberryPi –
  • 3D Printer – RepRap 3D Printer or Any other 3D Printer
  • Network 3D Printer – OctoPrint

Intermediate Courses – Ready to Turn Idea Into a Prototype

Course C1: Familiar with Starter Kits

Course C2: Interfacing with sensor and motor

Course C3: Human Machine Interface

Course C4: Mobile Applications 

Advance Courses, Must Know Concept for Fancy Stuff

Course Y1 : Networking, IPv6, bonding, tuneling, routing and VPN

Course Y2 : Basic Generic Algorithm

Course Y3 : Numeric Numbers

Course Y4 : Digital Signal Processing

Course Y5 : Inertial Navigation System

Course Y6 : Computer Vision

Advance Courses, To build and gain Experience

Course Z1 : Linux From Scratch,

Course Z2 : NAND 2 Tetris,

Course Z3 : RepRap 3D Printer,

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